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This earthquake, 0r earthquakes, rather, have humanized Haiti. The mass graves were already there, Anderson Cooper. No one ever cared about them before this and they were right there. As long as our county has been. It was never good there, it was “not bad,” the Haitians said. Ayiti has been festering in a post/neo colonialism hybrid, Stevie Wonder, did you know? The UN was living there being UNHelpful since 1993. The French brought slaves there and left. The Americans killed the revolution there because it would’ve been too risky when the U.S. was in mired in Civil War politics. And then seized their banks for a while. Then took off. Because there was nothing there worth having or taking. Even the communists wouldn’t set up shop in the savage African outpost. Haitians were zombie voodoo stereotypes until now.   When we are hopeless because all of our money is gone. What are we without money and progress and superiority??       Something very pure, physically poor and and nobly fighting to survive. Life in Haiti isn’t a given, it’s a goal. The poor need God more than the rich. Wyclef Jean speaks good Creole.

Discussing world politics with my sister – unbeknownst to the history and effects of colonialism – she argued (with the education of high school junior with a rural Midwestern town): “why should we just give them what we worked so hard for?” ……………..

“Why not, I replied, ?  When you work hard, you realize how hard things are. Why not make it a little easier for everyone?” The reason we don’t want to help countries like China and India and Brazil is because they’re competition now. We have our allies. We give them bombs sometimes. Or don’t attack them for having weapons/as excuse because they’re getting to threatening to us or our strategic friends. Democracy is selective. We need to evaluate your assets and crunch some poll figures before we’ll consider extending any credit.

The US is addicted to power .. that is why we don’t have social services and ‘our voluntary military force is the best in the world.” That is why we have college loans, debates over healthcare. I have a feeling. But I don’t have money to back it up.  Maybe I can contact people who need a pick-me-up for help to build me up to an equal level. Because we both know it ain’t easy. They feel good, I feel good. Good for all. What would it hurt to have some empathy – pre-emptive empathy – compassion without an international tragedy, aid without an undercurrent of dominance and subservience. If you want to do anything well, do it without calculating the returns on your investment.

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