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Oh, my heart
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Oh, my heart

How I love you now.

How I’ve scoured your depths

Encountering treasure after treasure.

I leave these riches where they lay

For the heart is mine

And dislodging them would upset their beauty.


Oh, my heart,

How blind I was

To the majesty inside you.

My eyes were made to love you,

Though a blindfold was in place.

Three decades of valiant struggle later

I’ve come to witness your splendor.

My imagination could not dream of the jewels embedded in your walls.


Oh, my heart,

How I vow to exalt you —

a meter of the universal rhythm,

a microcosm of the truth and love that pervade the furthest reaches of consciousness.

I can love no other

As I love you

For I can know no other

As I am you.

And as I am you,

I see that you are a beam of divinity

In a shadowy realm.

Seeking other glowing lights,

You will spread the divine

In your own time.