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High Tide and Sunset
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The creatures reanimate in anticipation

Is it softly raining

or the sea spray?


Will we make it to the shore

Or take on the lives

of tiny crabs

To have our shells

ground into sand

By the wholeness of this process

The ocean will complete us

And then we will be free

of the bonds of conscious thought.


I want to understand

how they know to roll

all the balls of sand

And in which direction.


As it really starts to rain

The sea overtakes the land

And the wind blows to perfection.

–Published in Black Oak Presents, Black Oak Media, Autumn 2007.

Oh, my heart
July 29, 2013, -07:30pmMon, 29 Jul 2013 12:00:44 -0730311229pm31-07:30
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Oh, my heart

How I love you now.

How I’ve scoured your depths

Encountering treasure after treasure.

I leave these riches where they lay

For the heart is mine

And dislodging them would upset their beauty.


Oh, my heart,

How blind I was

To the majesty inside you.

My eyes were made to love you,

Though a blindfold was in place.

Three decades of valiant struggle later

I’ve come to witness your splendor.

My imagination could not dream of the jewels embedded in your walls.


Oh, my heart,

How I vow to exalt you —

a meter of the universal rhythm,

a microcosm of the truth and love that pervade the furthest reaches of consciousness.

I can love no other

As I love you

For I can know no other

As I am you.

And as I am you,

I see that you are a beam of divinity

In a shadowy realm.

Seeking other glowing lights,

You will spread the divine

In your own time.

February 25, 2012, -07:30pmSat, 25 Feb 2012 12:40:19 -0730291225pm29-07:30
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There’s a butterfly house
in my stomach
They try to fly together
through my chest
Erupting from my throat
But I wn’t let them
Not yet
This wasn’t supposed to happen again so fast
Or was it?

A new age of the heart.

I can see past my projections
I can think past my emotions
I can feel without agendas
Completely reborn – Reborn complete.
Let it be and it will all be right.

June 12, 2010, -07:30amSat, 12 Jun 2010 04:08:40 -0730300412am30-07:30
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When I was young,
The sun was my friend. The grass was my friend,
the wind and the trees were my friends.
Sometimes mild enemies, but mostly friends.
When I was young, I wore no shoes and had no cares.
I was read stories and I sang songs.
There was only love.
Sometimes fear, but mostly love.
When I was young, the world was bright and unending and only for me.
Wonders smiled at me and I laughed back.

I always want to be young.
Sometimes old, but mostly young.

And now I see that nothing changed but me.
That is when I change back.

There *is* crowdsurfing on boats.
May 31, 2010, -07:30amMon, 31 May 2010 08:10:01 -0730310831am31-07:30
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And the Silver Surfer is…… Jello Biafra!

Gesticulating wildly on a punk rock soapbox with the expressiveness of a rabid mime, ladies and gentleman, was the former Dead Kennedys frontman, nee proto-type for a polito-punk frontman. And he doesn’t look like this anymore, but his commanding presence still kicks those who’d claim his mandate out of the mosh pit and back to the drawing board.

This weekend’s episode has Mr. Biafra bashing Obama for–among other things–failing to prosecute the war criminals of the W. Bush Administration and keeping Robert Gates as Defense Secretary–in a Memorial Day shout-out. Because, he said, our fathers and grandfathers (and mothers and grandmothers, I might add) fought to end the Nazi torture regime, one on par with Guantanamo Bay (still open for business).

Biafra and his tell-tale vibratto, clad in a white doctor’s coat and blood-smeared surgical gloves, fronted the swaggering Guantanamo School of Medicine. The band hammered through a rendition of “California Uber Alles,” tailor-made for Gov. Scharzeneger, complete with testosterone stereotypes. Biafra’s also one of the few men in the world who could get away with inciting a chant of “Pol! Pot! Pol! Pot!” (from “Holiday in Cambodia”)

Jello riled the crowd with a host of new material, spewing topical socio-political commentary in tunes like “Electronic Plantation,” an ode to the millions of new-millennium workers who log long hours in the scorching glow of an LCD screen as opposed to the cruel sun.

Rest assured, Biafra still cares. And we’re lucky he does. He ended the set with a diatribe against the excessive effort people pour into Facebook and Twitter rather than keeping up-to-date on spreading injustice, called “I Won’t Give Up” (It’s not an option).

This optimism must play into why Biafra is the most vigilantly supported crowd surfer I’ve witnessed to date.*

See Biafra’s most recent release, The Audicity of Hype.

Also check out Rocks Off Concert Cruises-$30 for a trip down the Hudson from 41st to the Statue of Liberty on a slightly bar-flavored boat! Budos Band is scheduled 6.11 and I’m seriously considering it. A nautical funk dance party is certain to ensue!

*Missing from the set was one of my fave Dk tunes, “Soup is Good Food.” So here it is, huzzah!
“You’ll just have to kill yourself somewhere else. A tourist might see you, and we wouldn’t want that!”

You.You.You. Oughta Kno-ow…Pirates.
May 29, 2010, -07:30pmSat, 29 May 2010 13:12:45 -0730310129pm31-07:30
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I would like to travel back in time, to the days before before the original and less-annoying Tea Party, into the days of mercantilism. I would stow away on a pirate ship. I would carry with me, through the obligatory time-space continuum vortex, choice items from Hot Topic, and perhaps some Avril Lavigne on a small, inexpensive MP3 player. I would seek out and confront the head pirate and the parrot on his shoulder with what’s become of their beloved Jolly Roger. Rainbow skull and crossbones, festooned with bright pink hearts. I would describe wristbands and Vans Warped Tour to this man. Oh the shame.

And before the swarthy dogs, who would surely gather round at the sight of a woman, branded me as a witch and sent me back, via plankwalk, to the hell from whence I came, I would update these men on how their legacy has carried through to the modern day. Johnny Depp, Keith Richards, eyeliner, Disney. Kidnappings, ransoms, a really good scene in a Wes Anderson movie. An International Talk Like a Pirate Day, slutty Halloween costumes and the like. And a general reference for people who plunder invisible things from invisible machine ships.

Yes, pirates of yore, your outlaw, scurvy-ridden life of poor, sea-faring man’s justice has become a well-known cultural phenomena, but I’m sure vampires, zombies and the 80s can help you deal with it.

The line
March 20, 2010, -07:30amSat, 20 Mar 2010 06:52:27 -0730310620am31-07:30
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Between utter madness and complete sanity is genius.

Birds with blue feathers set alight by the sun, with live flames for their crests, flew by the hovering anchor to the trees and bushes on the rims of the soft sand round the sea they brushed his boat and slowly whispered it like a name in letters of parting water towards a harbour grove and a slowly spinning island with lizards in its lap.

-From “An Adventure From A Work In Progress”

January 23, 2010, -07:30amSat, 23 Jan 2010 06:33:43 -0730310623am31-07:30
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This earthquake, 0r earthquakes, rather, have humanized Haiti. The mass graves were already there, Anderson Cooper. No one ever cared about them before this and they were right there. As long as our county has been. It was never good there, it was “not bad,” the Haitians said. Ayiti has been festering in a post/neo colonialism hybrid, Stevie Wonder, did you know? The UN was living there being UNHelpful since 1993. The French brought slaves there and left. The Americans killed the revolution there because it would’ve been too risky when the U.S. was in mired in Civil War politics. And then seized their banks for a while. Then took off. Because there was nothing there worth having or taking. Even the communists wouldn’t set up shop in the savage African outpost. Haitians were zombie voodoo stereotypes until now.   When we are hopeless because all of our money is gone. What are we without money and progress and superiority??       Something very pure, physically poor and and nobly fighting to survive. Life in Haiti isn’t a given, it’s a goal. The poor need God more than the rich. Wyclef Jean speaks good Creole.

Discussing world politics with my sister – unbeknownst to the history and effects of colonialism – she argued (with the education of high school junior with a rural Midwestern town): “why should we just give them what we worked so hard for?” ……………..

“Why not, I replied, ?  When you work hard, you realize how hard things are. Why not make it a little easier for everyone?” The reason we don’t want to help countries like China and India and Brazil is because they’re competition now. We have our allies. We give them bombs sometimes. Or don’t attack them for having weapons/as excuse because they’re getting to threatening to us or our strategic friends. Democracy is selective. We need to evaluate your assets and crunch some poll figures before we’ll consider extending any credit.

The US is addicted to power .. that is why we don’t have social services and ‘our voluntary military force is the best in the world.” That is why we have college loans, debates over healthcare. I have a feeling. But I don’t have money to back it up.  Maybe I can contact people who need a pick-me-up for help to build me up to an equal level. Because we both know it ain’t easy. They feel good, I feel good. Good for all. What would it hurt to have some empathy – pre-emptive empathy – compassion without an international tragedy, aid without an undercurrent of dominance and subservience. If you want to do anything well, do it without calculating the returns on your investment.

C’mon smell the halo
January 23, 2010, -07:30amSat, 23 Jan 2010 00:35:18 -0730311223am31-07:30
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artistic muscle flexed from the shadow side. stiffness abounds but the promise of a limber tomorrow and the next day and maybe a few days later. Like a growth chart for what counts. Remembering different things, remembering things differently. The human season is unpredictably cyclical. Embrace this.